What We Do

group of architect and construction workers on site with blue print
We Teach

We teach our future generation of construction workers with the best skills and tools needed to succeed!

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We Certify

We certify all of our students with the latest and most up-to-date certifications.

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group of architect and construction workers on site with blue print
We Connect

We connect our future generation with the best employers in the industry which leads to longer retention rates.

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All local, state and national government have segments of the population that are not participating for a variety of reasons. First Choice is the only program that has a direct pipeline and connection to the underemployed.

Why Governments Support Us

First choice is your reliable organization to support. Organization have come and gone we have lasted through the storms of funding and we are on pace to hit 1000 apprentices during our term. Over 90% are placed after graduation and RETAIN employment.


Our apprenticeship program is a 6-week course that includes 2 weeks of life skills. We cover important items like Criteria: Have a ged/dimploma, pass a drug test, Want it!, Succes Stories – get with Ola


Employers our program is one of the most successful pre-apprenticeship programs in the nation. Why? because have built a reputation amongst the community what type of apprentices we are looking for and what employers are looking for in apprentices. We do the screening and prepare. Over 95% of our graduates are successfully working in the construction trade industry. Our apprentices are reliable, prepared, and driven!

How it works: You register your company, with us, pay a one time fee for access, Get applicants information instantly.


Organizations (not for profits and for profits) working with the minority population or underserves poverty level, we have the ve audience you need ot reach your goals. We love to collaborate and continually look for resources to grow our vision by helping others levy their vision.

How it works: Simply register here – Our applicants will help with their funds. Register your organization with us now.